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Are you an actor at the local level looking for tools and guidebooks to help you with the refurbishment of buildings? Do you need an action plan model for energy planning and carbon management? This section provides you with tools and guidebooks for local energy management (including both energy efficiency and renewable energy). It includes guidelines, guidebooks, action plan models, contract models for green procurement, decision support systems, communication and training strategies and tools, evaluation systems and many other tools. If you are interested in specific types of geographical area, you can search the thematic sub-sections: Islands, Regions, Rural areas and Urban Areas. Or, to search by a more comprehensive set of criteria you can use the advanced search facility.

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Energiamegtakarítás az iskolában (= Energy saving in schools) Guidelines, Tips, Training Material EU Phare 2014 HU * **
DG ENV - Green public procurement toolkit Blue Print/ Action Plan Model, Guidebook/ Handbook/ Manual, ... -- 2015 EN * **
EFFCOBUILD - Database of best practices of energy efficiency measures in the building sector Blue Print/ Action Plan Model EU Intelligent Energy Europe 2015 DE, EN, SK, SL * * *
Le diagnostic de performance énergétique (DPE) (= Energy performance assessement) Energy Audit Model, Guidelines Local/Regional/National 2015 FR * * *
Le diagnostic de performance énergétique (DPE) (=Energy performance assessement) Energy Audit Model Local/Regional/National 2015 FR * **
Building EQ - Guidelines for the evaluation of building performances Energy Audit Model, Evaluation System, Guidelines EU Intelligent Energy Europe 2015 EN * **
Guide pratique - Pour une gestion efficiente de l’énergie au niveau communal (= Practical Handbook for energy efficiency in the municipality) Blue Print/ Action Plan Model, Decision Support System, Guid... Local/Regional/National 2015 FR * **
Gospodarenje energijom u gradovima (= Energy management system in cities) Blue Print/ Action Plan Model, Guidebook/ Handbook/ Manual International Organisations 2015 HR * **
Studiu de soluţii privind electrificarea rurală din surse regenerabile de energie în contextul dezvoltării durabile. Programul 100 de g... Blue Print/ Action Plan Model, Guidebook/ Handbook/ Manual, ... Local/Regional/National 2015 RO * **
Ghid de elaborare şi analiză a bilanţurilor energetice (=Energy audit methodology) Energy Audit Model, Guidebook/ Handbook/ Manual, Guidelines Local/Regional/National 2015 RO * **
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