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Do you need to undertake a financial and technical assessment of an installation plan? Are you looking for training courses on the sizing and installation of a particular renewable energy technology? This section includes tools and guidebooks on small scale renewables applications, heating and cooling applications and biofuels, such as software tools for the assessment of financial and economic feasibility of installations, guidelines for planning renewable energy installations, simulation tools or guidebooks and manuals on the integration of renewables into buildings and many other topics. You can also search for tools and guidebooks by thematic sub-section: Biogas, Biomass, Geothermal, Mini Wind, Renewable Integration into Buildings, Small Hydro, Solar and Transport Biofuels (Supply Side). Or, to search by a more comprehensive set of criteria you can use the advanced search facility. If you are looking for tools and guidebooks on energy efficient or renewable energy heating and cooling applications in residential or non residential buildings you will find a large quantity of additional tools and guidebooks in the IEe-library under the theme of Local Energy Management.

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European Support Instruments for RES-H and Policy Recommendations on How to Develop Them Benchmarking Tool, Checklist, Decision Support System, Train... EU Intelligent Energy Europe 2015 EN * * *
Leitfaden photovoltaische anlagen (=Guidebook on photovoltaic installations) Decision Support System, Guidelines Local/Regional/National 2014 DE * * *
REGBIE+ - Wood Heating in the Home: A Market Guide Guidebook/ Handbook/ Manual, Guidelines, Tips EU Intelligent Energy Europe 2015 EN * **
Référentiel méthodologique pour la réalisation d'analyses de cycle de vie appliquées aux biocarburants de première génération en France - Rapport fina... Decision Support System, Evaluation System Local/Regional/National 2015 FR * **
REGBIE+ - Successful financing schemes of biomass project development Guidebook/ Handbook/ Manual, Guidelines EU Intelligent Energy Europe 2015 EN * **
Bioenergy guide Guidebook/ Handbook/ Manual, Planning Tool Local/Regional/National 2015 EN * **
Solvarmekalkulator (=Solar heat calculator) Calculation Tool Local/Regional/National 2015 DA * **
ASTWOOD-A concept for collection and processing of raw material (wood) for energy Checklist EU Intelligent Energy Europe 2014 EN * **
BioHousing-Business model for assessing viability of a planned bioenergy business Decision Support System, Feasibility Model EU Intelligent Energy Europe 2015 EN, IT * * *
BEST RESULT-E-Learning modules on biomass heating Training Material EU Intelligent Energy Europe 2015 EN * **
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