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This section includes tools and guidebooks focusing on reducing the energy use of freight (transport of goods). More tools and guidebooks can be found in the first level section on Transport or by using the advanced search to view a wider set of results by target audience, keyword, type of tool, country or language.
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Engine idling - guide for anti-idling campaigns Blue Print/ Action Plan Model, Guidelines, Planning Tool Local/Regional/National 2015 EN * **
The fuel efficient truck drivers’ handbook Guidebook/ Handbook/ Manual Local/Regional/National 2014 EN * * *
Truck specification for best operational efficiency - A guide Guidebook/ Handbook/ Manual Local/Regional/National USA 2015 EN * **
Fleet Performance Management Tool incorporating CO2 Calculator Calculation Tool, Evaluation System, Planning Tool Local/Regional/National 2014 EN * **
Computerised vehicle routing and scheduling (CVRS) for efficient logistics Feasibility Model, Guidebook/ Handbook/ Manual, Planning Too... Local/Regional/National 2015 EN * **
Energiatehokkuuden ja ympäristönäkökohtien huomioon ottaminen kuljetuspalvelujen hankinnoissa (=A guide for considering energy efficiency and the envi... Contract Model, Guidelines, Planning Tool Local/Regional/National 2015 FI * **
START - Freight transport recommendations from START peer-to-peer workshops Blue Print/ Action Plan Model, Guidelines EU Intelligent Energy Europe 2015 EN * * *
Carbon Labelling: Low carbon shipping, transport and market incentive programs Blue Print/ Action Plan Model, Guidebook/ Handbook/ Manual EU Intelligent Energy Europe 2014 EN * **
Méthodologie pour un bilan environnemental physique du transport de marchandises en ville. Consommation - émissions - qualité de l’air (= Methodology ... Energy Audit Model, Planning Tool Local/Regional/National 2015 FR * * *
Model for the comparison of infrastructure costs caused by use of different transport modes Calculation Tool, Decision Support System, Feasibility Model Local/Regional/National 2015 EN * **
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