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Information: We encourage the submission of new tools and guidebooks or updated versions of existing material. With your help we can make this database to become a vibrant and contemporary source of continuous information and innovation. Tools or guidebooks must be relevant to the library; to ensure that this is the case, you will need to complete the online form below. Please use the explanatory text in the online form as guidance. The tool or guidebook can be submitted as web-link (to be inserted under 'Doc Link') and will be uploaded into the database.
Please note that the submission of a tool or guidebook does not automatically guarantee the right to inclusion.

Full title in original language followed by English translation in brackets, e.g. Guida alle tecnologie del fotovoltaico (= Guide on PV technologies). If several language versions, including EN then write title only in EN. If document comes from EU funded project start with acronym followed by a hyphen and then the title, e.g.REFUEL-Tool for a qualitative analysis
If EU project give name of the project followed by Consortium, e.g. REFUEL Consortium
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